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Superior Industrial Services, LLC
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Welcome to Superior Industrial Services, LLC  

Material Handling, Industrial Contracting, Metal Fabrication in Rochester and Buffalo, NY

If you’re a manufacturing company in need of the services of one company that can take care all your fabrication, material handling and industrial contracting needs, look no further.  

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Here at Superior Industrial Services, we’ve got the right crew to make it happen for you. We have worked hard to find the perfect mix of experienced professionals and knowledgeable go-getters. Our sales reps go out into the field to meet our customers, determine their needs, and then report back to us. We then fabricate custom solutions for your needs, in-house, and deliver the goods on time every time.  

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We wouldn’t do business with a company we didn’t trust, so do your research. External link opens in new tab or windowRead on to learn more about Superior Industrial Services and then give us a External link opens in new tab or windowcall when you have any questions or are ready
to move forward.